Lando Norris Kart (OTK) – TAG Kart 30mm



Lando Norris Kart (OTK) – TAG Kart 30mm


Kart is a complete rolling chassis. Seat, tyres, engine, exhaust not included. Kart is delivered partially assembled. Seat must be fitted and bodywork installed. Engine and exhaust fitment must be performed or arranged by the customer. Tyres should only be fitted by a trained professional.


Lando Norris Kart OK FEATURES:

  • 30mm chassis tubing
  • 1045mm wheelbase
  • 50mm rear axle
  • BSD braking system with stub axles evolution type and DOT 5.1 lubricant
  • Magnesium components, MXJ wheels, front torsion bar, standard aluminium pedals
  • M7 Nassau panel, M6 bodywork with optional CIK-FIA homologated front spoiler connections
  • Sticker kit


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