Shipping Golf Carts.

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All golf cart shipments are loaded by the drivers. These units do not require a skid as shown in some of our loading videos, but the loading sequence is similar. Please leave the keys in the vehicle as it must run and drive in order for us to transport.


Each golf cart is properly secured with ties to protect fragile parts inside a fully-enclosed, air-ride truck equipped with extra large Slingshot-friendly liftgates.


$7000 valuation coverage is included and additional coverage is available for $7.00 per $1000 valuation,  no deductible.


Transport time averages 7-10 business days.

More Info:

  • The drivers will call one business day before arrival.
  • The condition of the golf cart will be noted at pick up for your protection.
  • Addresses must be tractor-trailer accessible.
  • Additional fees may apply for units over the standard size of 108″ long x 48″ wide x 58″ tall. Maximum height of 58″ cannot be exceeded. Additional fee of $300 applies if the unit is over 108″ long.
  • You will need to remove the top to ensure that your golf cart is no taller than 58″. The top should be wrapped and secured inside the unit for transport.
  • Someone must be available at each location to sign for your shipment.
  • Read all Frequently Asked Questions here.
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We'll get your golf cart there by tee time, safely and efficiently.


Got a chance to play golf at Pebble Beach or St. Andrews? How about Canada or Mexico? If your golf cart is your good-luck token, then by all means, take it with you! Easy Auto Ship is among the industry’s leaders in golf cart transport services. Our vehicle carriers are licensed and bonded to operate all over the country, under the guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Every vehicle hauler for golf cart is fully insured, and we also provide additional insurance coverage for customers who want added protection.

Door-to-door Pickup and Delivery

We’ll pick your golf cart up from your home, your favorite course or storage location. Our experienced carriers will then deliver it safely to you, either directly to your door or a location of your choice.

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