The Newport Simulator – A Compact, Affordable, Portable Golf Simulator

Just hitting the market this month, the Newport is an innovative new golf simulator, which meets the needs of the demanding golfer. Smaller, portable and affordable, this structure will change the golf simulator industry for years to come. This simulator was designed to solve many of the problems of the full size simulators on the market: size, price and flexibility of use; without sacrificing the simulated experience.


The Newport is a smaller more compact structure than other golf simulators structures on the market. Its total footprint is 160 square feet and can be place in a room with 9 foot ceilings! No more running wires through the ceiling for the projector, the projector is located in the floor of the structure. The Newport gives you the full simulated experience on a smaller platform.


Many of the full size golf simulators on the market today can start around $40,000. Now you can get the same experience for about half the cost. The Newport features LS3 golf software, one of the most popular golf software packages in the industry. There are more than 60 playable courses available for the system and it comes standard with the “Driving Range and “Post-Shot” swing analyzer. Integrated with the base software package which includes 15 courses; is a longest drive and closest to the pin competitions. In addition to the software there is a thirty day money back guarantee and a three year warranty on the enclosure. A fully loaded system, with all available courses will run just under $25,000.

Flexibility of Use:

Because of the compact design of the Newport, it allows a simulator to be place in areas previously impossible. In the past, if you had 9 foot ceilings there were vary few options in the golf simulator world for you. Now with this design you can put one in your basement, garage, den or even your office. The fact the Newport is also portable, opens many other doors as well. It sets up in about 20 minutes and only requires a standard outlet to run the computer and projector. So, you could have it set up in your garage one day and move it to your office to entertain clients the next day. There are other portable simulator structures on the market, but they still take hours and multiple people to set up, not the Newport.

The Newport golf simulator fills a void in the simulator industry, with an affordable, compact, innovative simulator which meets the needs of the everyday golfer. Keep an eye out for this simulator; it will start popping everywhere…enjoy!

Source by Todd Mallon

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