Phased Approach to Golf Conditioning

Your performance routine can be inhibited or enhanced by both your mental and physical preparation. In this article, I will discuss your most important piece of golf equipment. It’s not a ‘big bertha’ or other trendy tool; it’s your body!

The following progression of conditioning phases can help you to play your best game of golf.

Phase I: Stretching and Flexibility

In this phase, increasing flexibility through stretching will enable you to complete your golf swing with the least stress to your body. If you have an injury or limitation in motion due to tissue restrictions, you may require some manual therapy techniques to release tissues and allow the structural correction to yield a functional result in your golf game.

Phase II: Stabilization

In the stabilization phase, the goal is to help your body learn to move in golf-specific, functional patterns to improve posture, balance, coordination and core stability. The consistency of your golf swing increases with improved balance and body stability.

Phase III: Strengthening

Strengthening your body with golf-specific exercises improves performance and helps to prevent injuries. These exercises can include weights, bands and a variety of posture balls.

A golf-appropriate conditioning program will help you to see improvement in all areas of daily activities, but these changes in your body don’t automatically translate to improved golf. Video evaluation is an excellent tool to help you to see the comparisons before and during your conditioning program. Good golf instruction is crucial to integrating these changes into maximum performance and increased enjoyment in your golf game.

Source by Sari Lewis

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