Best Golf Swing Tips Revealed

You need great hand-eye coordination, balance, athletic ability and creativity to play golf. The biggest concerns of golfers today are inconsistency first of all, followed by slicing and distance. Finding ways to improve your golf game, then applying what you’ve learned and practicing, is the number one way to get ahead of the game.

Approach the game with a positive attitude and repeat affirmations if you can, such as “I play great golf all the time.” Visualize where you would like the ball to land, as you swing. A common mental error golfers make when driving the ball is to hit it as hard as possible.

Try not to grip the club too tightly. Make sure to use the proper technique. At the end of a backswing the hands are above the right shoulder, with the golf club pointing more or less in the intended direction of ball flight.

Swing slowly and steadily using a nice rhythm. Standing over the ball for too long a time and wondering whether you’re going to swing the club correctly can easily result in a skewed shot, or completely missing the ball. Accomplished golfers purposely use sidespin to steer their ball around obstacles or towards the safe side of fairways and greens.

Ask your golf pro to evaluate your posture while swinging. At the end of a swing, the weight has shifted almost entirely to the left foot, the body is fully turned to the left and the hands are above the left shoulder with the club hanging down over the players’ back.

As the body matures, the ability to rotate the upper torso is affected by age, and the hand action can also slow down requiring a slightly stronger grip. After the ball is hit, the follow-through stage consists of a continued rotation to the left. Putting can become a nightmare and a condition called the ‘yips’ has affected not only amateurs but professionals as well; get expert advice and consider a golf swing aid.

Many golfers have improved their golf game by concentrating on golf fitness. The golf swing is mostly rotational so it makes sense to concentrate on your turning ability as it relates to range of motion and speed. Conditioning your golf muscles will reward you with straighter swings.

There are golf swing aids that act as driving range simulators. Golf swing aids come in all shapes and sizes including apparel type accessories to correct alignment or a golf club add-on accessory to monitor your swing. If you’re looking for an aid to improve your stance they’re not hard to find.

There are a number of good golf swing aids on the market today. Look for golf swing aids at your local golf course. Make sure to look for reviews and ratings online for any golf swing aid you’re considering.

Overall, investing in golf swing aids will greatly improve your golf swing and your golf game. Ask an expert, who is not associated with the shop you would buy your golf swing aid from, for advice on the right aid for you. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, pick just one golf swing aid and go to work on your swing.

There are golf swing aids that will help you with swing alignment. Keep in mind that with some golf swing aids, you may still need advice or help from an expert.

There are hundreds of useful golf tips to seek out in golf magazines, consumer magazines, sports magazines, in books, ebooks, DVDs, online and offline. If you can, sit in on a friend’s golf lesson to see if you connect with the pro. If you apply both physical and mental workouts, golf swing improvement will be your reward.

Source by Helen Hecker

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