Mental and Physical Fatigue for Golf

In two days, the last major of the year begins in St. Louis at Bellerive Country Club. The last major is the PGA Championship, where several of the world’s best gather to compete to win a long desired major before the year ends. This year has a different feel as the best players in the world rankings are the top of their game. It is going to take a special four days of golf to win this tournament and that person will probably be mentally exhausted. At this point in the year, all the golfers in this tournament have been playing a lot of golf and may be experiencing some fatigue. I want to focus on physical and mental fatigue, in relation to the PGA Championship and how my business MentalGolfGrind approaches these topics.

At MentalGolfGrind, we have several techniques that can be used to help solve some of these problems that may happen before, during, or after a round of golf. Physical fatigue happens to most golfers and it usually happens at the end of a round. To be physically read for a full round of golf, it may be a good idea to set out a time during your day to walk. Carrying a 25 pound bag for a 4 hour round can be a bit exhausting and there is no better way to prep than walking during your free time when you are not golfing. Working out or lifting helps you become stronger, which is recommended, but if you want to overcome physical fatigue, walking helps immensely. It preps you for walking a full 18 and there will not be any surprises in store. Professional golfers do usually have this problem, because they are walking 18 holes of golf nearly every day and are also on the feet doing other activities. If you are an amateur and are experiencing physical fatigue, try walking a little more or working out, see what it does for your game.

In terms of mental fatigue, there are some things you can do to avoid being mentally exhausted. During a round of golf it is important to focus on other things than just golf. If you have play competitors, keep up your spirit by having a chat with your friend. It is easy to get down on yourself after a couple of bad shots and this leads to becoming mentally drained. Keeping your energy up by chatting, staying on your feet, having a snack, playing a mini game, and several other activities you can to keep your mental energy high. We want to avoid getting caught in the exhaustion of a round, where someone just walks up to a shot and hits it with no care, because they feel that their round is over. The fact is that your round is never over until the last stroke is hit. Focus on getting through your round and hitting your go to shots to finish off your round. You do not want to leave regret on the course and mental exhaustion leads to regretting some of the shots you hit. This is why you will see a lot of professionals that play well at the end of the round, because they feel more freed up now and have nothing to lose mentally. Try some of the techniques I have mentioned and see if you mental game feels to be more strong.

Source by Max Marsili

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