The Latest Gold Plated Objects

Recently, a new trend seemed to have made people go crazy. This new idea involves plating objects with gold. If you want to show that you like luxury and that you can afford it, try to plate almost all he objects you have at home; why not even your car.

This way, you are certainly going to follow the fashion and let the others opened-mouth. Those who had already done it said that it worth the effort and the money spent.

Coming back to the idea from the very beginning, what can we plate? The answer is so long that we do not have enough time to end the list. Still, among the most common plated objects, there are: common jewelries, musical instruments, sport articles (arms, golf clubs, winches, trophies, medals), promotional objects turned into luxury ones (pens, lighters, droppers), religious objects (icons, candle sticks, votive lights, crosses, chandeliers), restaurant objects (cutlery, trays, tazzas) and so on.

Recently, more clients preferred to have their bathroom batteries or handles plated. They try to add a plus of elegance and style and after all, almost everything may be plated. All depends on the client’s imagination and money.

An interesting order may be a present: a bathroom plated with 24K gold. The owner may want the tab, the wash basin, the frame of the mirror, the towel handle and the central heating air oven all turned into gold. Another interesting present may be a plated set of instruments for a surgeon or a plated gun.

These are somehow normal requests and nobody is surprised by any of these demands. But, lately people wanted to shock and they began to plate their cars.Dubai, for instance may become the heaven of gold plated cars. Everything will glitter, from the smallest pieces up to the car body. Inside again everything should be gold plated.

This is not a new idea any more. Another shocking attraction was the most expensive bicycle in the world: a gold plated bike embellished with 600 Swarovsky crystals. It was created by a Swiss who had tried to do everything hand-made. The price was cut out for it.

For those who do not need a bike but have about two million pounds to spend, the most expensive phone from the entire world is 22k gold plated adorned with about 190 diamonds. This way it has become more than a simple phone it is a work of art.

Can all these be called investments? Who knows? They do not look at all like the well-known gold bullions, but the later is still in great demand.

Source by Jack Wogan

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