Origin of the Brand TaylorMade

TaylorMade is one of the major brands in golf, and no matter what the future holds, its place in golf history is secure as this is the company that introduced metal woods to the game. TaylorMade origins date to 1978, when Gary Adams began showing PGA Tour pros the metal-headed drivers he was building. In 1979, Adams took out a $24,000 loan and founded TaylorMade Golf. A metal driver – 12 degrees of loft, cast from stainless steel – was the company’s only product.


PGA Tour players Ron Streck and Jim Simons put the metal driver into play at the 1979 MONY Tournament of Champions, although both used it as a 3-wood off the fairways. Streck was the first golfer to win carrying a TaylorMade metal wood in 1981, and TaylorMade quickly grew into one of the powerhouses in the golf manufacturing industry.

Significance of the Brand “TaylorMade”

The most important factor determining the success of an organization; without strong people, the best products, technologies and innovations will fade away. In a competitive market where the key players have such incredible technologies, number one is determined by the group with the best leaders and the most talented individuals. In 1998, TaylorMade became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Adidas Group. In 2003, TaylorMade acquired the venerable Maxfli brand, best-known for golf balls. And in 2008 the apparel company Ashworth was acquired. TaylorMade golf clubs are some of the best available so this company has enjoyed great success. One of the strengths of this great company is the ability to make clubs for different types of golfers.

Types: Irons, Drivers, Sets, Woods, Wedges, Putters, Bags & Other Accessories

The TaylorMade golf clubs can be customized for different golfers. Like the general population, golfers do not come in one size. Some golfers are very tall while others are shorter. All golfers have different builds, but these golfers will not get exactly the same clubs if they buy TaylorMade golf clubs. Golfers all try to swing just like the greatest pros, but most of them have a unique swing. The designers that make TaylorMade golf clubs recognize these differences and make the golf clubs with these differences in mind.

TaylorMade golf manufactures excellent Woods, Irons and Putters, but this company also makes great golf balls. Their golf balls are designed to increase the distance of each shot by amateurs and pros. These great golf balls increase the lift, drag and distance of each shot. The golf balls have a cover designed for excellence, and the interior of the golf balls also have a special design. TaylorMade also sells great golf accessories including gloves, hats and Bags. Their line designed especially for women is also successful and popular.

TaylorMade Golf is the leading manufacturer of golf equipment including the Burner Irons, R9 SuperTri and Burner Superfast drivers and the all New Penta 5 layer golf balls. TaylorMade Golf is the number one Driver company. Burner Irons are the number one selling Irons. TaylorMade owns Rossa Putters and is owned by Adidas Golf.

Early Success with “TaylorMade”

Most golf professionals and golf coaches believe that your golf game can improve by over 40% with the right golf clubs. When you look for golf equipment and golf clubs for sale, it is important that you take several factors into consideration including brand, size of club, weight and cost.

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