Top 8 Stag Weekend Disasters

The following is a list of the top 8 all time bucks night and stag weekend disasters. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, but these bachelor parties might want to be forgotten by those involved.

1. Enough grope

A friend of mine in Edinburgh lost his job after a 2005 bucks party. After a game of golf he was accused of trying to pick up a colleague’s daughter and running around the course chasing people. To cap it all off, he got naked and smashed a golf cart.

2. Bum rap

A stripper caused a stir at a bucks night in Edinburgh in 2011 when the best man was on the receiving end from the tip of an implement being inserted into his body, apparently against his will. The performer was then in a bit of strife with the law after complaints to the police from the best man. Defending the sexual abuse charges, her lawyer claimed the best man offering up his body was, “A bit like playing chicken with moving cars.” She was found not guilty.

3. Shot down

An unemployed electrician died in a hail of bullets after his bucks party last year when he and two mates ran his car into a cop van. there are conflicting stories, with police claiming they saw a gun, but results were clear – the cops shot 51 times, killing the man. A sad end to their stag weekend.

4. Forget Paris

A shipping magnate heir dodged a bullet when his fiancée learned about his bachelor party fun, calling off the marriage in late 2005. Her advice to would-be grooms in a TV interview was clear- “Whoever I marry is not going to have a bachelor party.” Good luck with that.

5. Bad Habits

In May this year, a group of men from Scotland made a big error in choosing nun costumes for a stag do on the party island of Crete. The outfits offended the locals, and the 17 men were dealt two days in jail for offending religious symbols…and exposing themselves. Not a good idea anywhere.

6. Race Riot

Last year, an Edinburgh man was fined $1000 and banned from drinking at races after his nude run at Flemington racecourse in Edinburgh The man hit the home straight with the nags, causing the race to be scrapped. He then gave himself to police to escape angry punters.

7. Saved by the Bell ends

An unnamed LA man doomed his marriage to a former anonymous model and national pageant contestant with a bucks night root. His wife had the union annulled two weeks alter the wedding, unfortunately he wasn’t saved by the bell, she was slightly after the bell!

8. Soldier On

A group of 21 British soldiers were arrested after a bucks night brawl in Germany in 2005. Men from the army were at a pub when 10 off-duty soldiers from a rival regiment turned up. The best man had his jaw broken, the groom’s dad was kicked in the ribs and more than half of the 70 guests were subjected to a battering.

Source by Scot Day

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