Golf Speech – Top Tips on How to Give the Perfect Golf Speech

Ever thought you would need a golf speech? What about for the annual golfing dinner at the club? It is best to be prepared, so we are going to show you what exactly goes into giving a well-received golf speech.

Some other occasions for needing to deliver a golf speech could be a local tournament, or during a presentation for someone else, where you have been asked to say a few words on behalf of either the event you’ve just won, or the event that someone else just won. Either way, you will be in the spotlight for it, and we’re going to help you get prepared.

The most likely element in your golf speech will be the round on the links you’ve just taken. This will take care of the actual content of your speech. After that, follow the basics of speech delivery to assure yourself of a hole in one golf speech.

  • Control the speed of your speech by opening your mouth wider when you give it. This will also help you sound more audibly pleasing to your audience. Quicker speeches tend to be due to nerves, but practicing your speech and learning to move your mouth wider will help this. Just like directing the ball away from the rough and down the fairway onto the green, you want to direct the sound of your voice toward your audience. This will help your audience hear your golf speech better and more clearly.
  • A long drive, like at tee-off, needs more muscle and energy to get it off. It needs more than a putt. The same is true with breathing while speaking. Longer sentences need more intake of breath than the shorter sentences. Be wary of this when speaking. It might not hurt to learn breathing exercises for speech-giving. This is much the same as the breathing exercises singers use to get ready for an audience.
  • Getting off that first shot off the tee makes the difference between going in the rough and going onto the green for your next shot. In your speech, it is just as important to get that first word or note of a sentence off, so that your speech doesn’t go into the rough — by becoming quieter as the sentence continues, or hitting the green.
  • Like your golf stance, your posture during your golf speech is equally important. That means no locked knees, no flighty hands, and above all else, no fidgeting. That will be too distracting to your audience, and your golf speech will fall flat. Also, don’t stand stiff and upright like a gymnast or a dancer. Relax your stance.
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable to you. No tight collars or ties. Remember, you need to breathe freely and your lungs need room to stretch, so your vocal cords will be ready. Ladies, for you this means no necklaces, heavy bracelets or earrings, anything that will make noise as you move. These will distract you and take away from your golf speech. Also, no high heeled shoes that could cause you to lose your balance.

The best advice of all is to enjoy yourself. You don’t give a golf speech often, so don’t let it torment you, or your audience. have fun with it and, if you have a knack, joke a bit. If you are relaxed, your golf speech will be a winner.

Source by Stephen Mccoy

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