Golf Accessories That All Golfers Should Have

Golf is a popular sport in the UK, popular enough that there is a large industry based around golf equipment and accessories. Many of these items may be vital such as clubs and golf bags whereas some others may be seen as non-essential. They are likely to be accessories that golfers may not need as a requirement but can help out on the course or even just serve as a bit of fun like novelty golf club covers.

One of the most important golf accessories for many is their golf bag. Many golf bags will come as just a bag that will stand upright, some though have two legs that flick out to allow you to put your bag down and make it stable so it doesn’t get knocked down in a high wind. The next step up from this is a trolley attachment. Some trolleys can seem expensive but many of them are now battery operated. Many older people will find playing golf with a battery operated trolley that little bit less arduous, saving them having to carry a large bag with a full set of golf clubs on board.

As well as golf bags and trolleys many golfers have other accessories such as golf shoe bags, a convenient way to store your golf shoes when you aren’t playing and saves having to look for them when you are due to play. Umbrellas for golf have always been popular, tending to be oversized and perfect for either carrying for protecting yourself as well as your golf bag too thus preventing your clubs from getting wet.

There are smaller accessories too that can help you benefit on the course. Special tees can be bought that minimize the contact with the ball; something golfers want to achieve as the less of the ball touching the tee then the cleaner their tee shot is going to be. In order to help you hit the ball better you can also buy new custom grips for your clubs. Getting customised club grips that are perfect for your swing is something most professionals do and can take some time to get right. Many club pros or golf shops will help you achieve the optimum performance from your clubs and fit your new grips for you.

Source by Phillip Adams-Wright

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