5 Factors That Influence Club Head Speed

There can be no better feeling than standing on the tee and being able to hit the golf ball a country mile! It is a feeling that most golfers spend their whole golfing careers trying to achieve.

There are several factors that influence your golf driving distance, like centeredness of contact and angle of approach and without getting these elements right your distance off of the tee will suffer. However, the most important factor that will influence your golf driving distance is your club head speed!

Your club head speed is the speed at which your club head is travelling at, at the moment of impact with the golf ball. Touring pro’s can reach club head speeds of over 100 m.p.h.

There are 5 human variables that influence your club head speed which are physical strength, body flexibility, swing technique, length of your limbs and neuromuscular conditioning.

There is little that you can do to influence the length of your limbs and neuromuscular conditioning because these are mainly hereditary, but you can certainly do something about you physical strength, flexibility and swing technique.

Out of the 3 remaining factors that you can influence, physical strength is probably the most important and is the main reason why men and women have different teeing grounds, but we have all seen strong men being out driven by weaker men, so body flexibility and swing technique also play a major part.

There are many golf fitness exercises that can help you to increase your strength and flexibility out on the golf course, so if your are looking to gain those precious extra yards off of the tee it is worth putting a bit of effort into increasing your overall fitness and strength levels.

Source by Jack D A Brown

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