Golf Cart Dos and Don’ts

Most golf courses offer golf cart rentals, a great choice for less-athletic golfers, injured golfers or golfers who are trying to get through a game quickly and with minimal effort. However, if you’re new to them, they’re not always as simple to use as they may seem to the casual observer. Keep reading for some great golf cart dos and don’ts.

DO read your course’s rules for the carts. Make sure you understand the rules as laid out by your golf course, and understand them. You’ll find these usually on the back of a scorecard, at the first tee, in the cart itself or posted at the club house.

DO stay on the paved golf cart paths. Unless you have been told otherwise, keep your golf cart on the designated pathways, and never bring a cart within 30 yards of a putting green or within 15 yards of bunkers or water.

DO understand the 90-degree rule. Some courses allow carts to drive onto the fairway, but only at a 90-degree angle, thus minimizing the damage a cart can do to the grass. This means you should drive your cart on the paved lane until you reach the location of your ball; then you can drive onto the fairway, but only at a 90-degree angle from the laneway. After you make the shot, you must drive straight back onto the paved lane.

DON’T hang your feet or clubs out of the cart while it’s in motion. This is dangerous.

DON’T speed up for turns. Golf carts topple faster than my willpower at a dessert buffet.

DON’T think a golf cart drives like a car. It doesn’t. The ignition is different, the engine power is drastically different and, most importantly, the steering is different. Remember, this is not your all-terrain SUV, so you need to take it easy and gentle.

DO tip your cart return attendant at least a couple of dollars. Unless you’re on a public course or a course without a dress code, you should tip your cart return attendant. Typically a cart return attendant will clean out your cart, return it to the garage and drive both you and your clubs to your car. If they clean your clubs for you as well, tip a little more.

DON’T get stuck in a lightning storm. At the first sign of lightning, head immediately to the clubhouse or a designated lightning shelter. But don’t seek shelter in your golf cart.

Source by Robb Thomas

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