Categories of ATVs

All Terrain Vehicles are the models that are offered with greater features and functions. Many themes and factors are offering pride to these vehicles. There are larger demands of these tools of enjoyment in the markets as the adventure lovers can recreate their thrill and feel with the excitement of driving that is provided by these vehicles. The All Terrain Vehicles are quite promising and pivotal forms of entertainment. They are also the off road vehicles with greater style and splendid structure. Many of the utilities of these vehicles are popular in the people which is enhancing the demands and buying habits of the ATVs. These ATVs are available in different types and categories. These categories are described below.

Three Wheeler

Three Wheeler ATVs are the initial stage ATV production as they were first tine created by Honda Company in 1970 and they gained the largest benefits in making these vehicles. After the initial development by the company, many other companies started the production of three wheeler ATVs but none of them gained the fame and pride that was obtained by Honda company. The company started adding innovative features like two stroke motor, five speed transmissions, full suspension and much more. These changes were appreciated by the people and also were welcomed by the people by enhancing the demands of ATVs. Three Wheelers are therefore the most popular and primary category of All Terrain Vehicles.

Four Wheeler

Four Wheeler is the category of vehicles that are more stable and firm than the three wheelers. It can be said that they are having more of the firmness and advance structure than the Three Wheelers. These vehicles started appearing in the market with the initiative of Suzuki. The Suzuki company has created these best possible deals for making the industry more advanced and reliable as there were more of the case of accident in the Three Wheelers and these vehicles gave more strength and splendid support to the riders. The categories of ATVs are widening and spreading their pivotal performance with the help of Four Wheelers.

Six Wheeler

Six Wheelers are the latest and most happening category of All Terrain Vehicles. The accident and casualty cases were increasing rapidly in the case of Six Wheelers. These types of vehicles are mainly used for high climbing, ice racing, motocross and many more of the sporty activities. The construction industries and other industries are using these vehicles in order to get the goods transported within the locations. These six Wheelers are having exclusive and expressive strength to haul the goods and over weights that are not possible for any other categories. Also they are used as the transportation and traveling option in the rough and difficult region.

Dune Buggy

Dune Buggy is the category of vehicles in which the wheels and tires of the vehicles are quite larger. They are used mainly in the dunes and beaches. They are created with open chassis and they are used mainly to enhance the power to weight ratio for the light weighted vehicles and also to engine power in some cases. These vehicles are known with different names in different parts of the world such as Sand rails. Dune Buggy is the name which makes the Dune Buggy more popular.

Golf Carts

Golf Carts are the popular and preferred models of ATVs. These vehicles are having many of the utilities to provide to the Golf players. The Golf Courts are quite larger and these carts can prove quite better for the players as they can move on to long distances with the help of these carts.

Thus, these are some of the most highlighted categories of ATVs that are making these industries more and more preferred and cherishing. Get all of these categories as cheap ATVs at the site.

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